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With its incredible diversity, Panama offers something to both adventurers holidaymakers. Whether one is looking to explore the vibrant and modern city life of Panama City, or simply enjoy the sun at the beach, Panama is an all-around suitable travel destination. On the one hand, the skyscrapers and international feel of Panama City will remind you of major metropolises like Miami, on the other – the many deserted islands give off relaxed Caribbean vibes and offer unforgettable opportunities to channel your inner explorer. It is easy to see why Panama has been dubbed ‘Heart of the Universe’, as it truly has it all.
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Panama City, Central America

Panama City is an engaging and mysterious metropolis, a multifaceted place born out of constant cultural exchanges and, at times, conflicts. A city hanging in the balance: between South and North America, tradition and innovation, luxury and poverty, overlooked by the steel of skyscrapers and surrounded by sandy beaches and green forests. Enjoy cosmopolitan Panama, wander through handicraft markets, large malls, local restaurants, and have fun during the vibrant Panamanian nights.
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Escape to Chiriquí, known as the "breadbasket" of Panama, where you'll find a mix of stunning landscapes and activities. Fertile mountains and rolling hills, rocky rivers and coffee plantations — there's something for everyone. The province also boasts pristine beaches and islands with excellent sports fishing opportunities. The thriving David City is there when you're ready for a bit of urban life. Located in western Panama, Chiriquí is bordered by Bocas del Toro to the north, Costa Rica to the west, Veraguas to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the south.
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Exotic Islands of Panama, Central America

The Republic of Panama has a privileged geographic position bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and the south by the Pacific. Therefore, it has a plethora of islands varying in sizes and includes uninhabited pristine islets, national marine parks, as well as up-and-coming hipster and backpacker islands with a buzzing nightlife. The most popular islands in Panama are Bocas del Toro, San Blas (Guna Yala), Taboga, and the Pearl Islands. The latter is an archipelago comprised of 90 islands and 100 islets.